WordPress Webmaster Services

A website is never “finished.” As your WordPress webmaster, we offer continuous support services to keep your website updated on an as-needed, hourly basis.

When issues come to light, our team is on it immediately. You can count on any problem getting addressed within minutes. Whether it’s a page load problem or an errant plugin causing havoc, you will receive the resolution you need in minutes.

Explore some of the benefits of our Webmaster Support Services:

Need additional work done for your site beyond what’s included in our WordPress Care or Website Build plans?

Our webmaster services may be your perfect solution. Great pricing and a high standard of service make this the ideal option for continual, thorough support. Talk to our team today to learn more!

Save Time

You have more important things to worry about in your business. Leave the website maintenance tasks to us. Our team of highly skilled WordPress gurus will tackle any issues that arise and help you keep your website online and healthy.

Quality Work

With Capitol Websites, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that your website is in expert hands. Our years of experience in maintaining countless WordPress financial websites have made us the go-to webmasters in the industry.

Latest Technology

Technology evolves at a rapid pace. Your website needs to keep up with the latest demands in order to maintain your site’s functionality, retain its Google rankings, and keep visitors happy. Get expert help with everything WordPress support related to keep your website healthy and prosperous. Our webmaster services get you the benefits of our evolving WordPress intelligence and insight, which help you get better results.

Timley Project Completion

As a WordPress Care Plan customer, our team is already familiar with your website and we can start handling your outsourced development tasks right away. Every deliverable will be completed on time and with an expert’s touch.

Let’s make your website pop!

Tell us about your website needs.

Do You Need Additional WordPress Help?

Other Capitol Websites WordPress support services cover:

Maintenance Plans

Approximately 30,000 websites are hacked every single day. Don't be next. Let us keep your website safe and secure by ordering one of our affordable WordPress maintenance plans.

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Managed Hosting

Not only can we manage your WordPress website, we can host it too! Our hosting service is built with speed and reliability in mind, and our stellar customer support is an added bonus.

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Website Plans

Whether you need a brand new website or just a redesign, we have the skills to deliver the perfect solution for you. Check out our website build plans and we'll arrange features to meet your needs.

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Client Testimonial

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Sheryl Garrett

“I only have wonderful things to say about the team at Capitol Websites. They understand that I am not familiar with a lot of technical verbiage – nor do I want to be. Yet, we communicate very well and I always feel my project is their top priority. I describe what I want to achieve and Capitol Websites figures out a cost effective, creative and efficient way to meet my objectives. I have been extremely pleased with the timeliness, cost and quality of their work. I have employed them on a number of occasions to find ways to enhance our existing website, provide ongoing website updates and maintenance, and to brainstorm on other ways we can use technology and the Internet to grow our business. All of these services have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Capitol Websites.”
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