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Get superior performance with an industry-best VPS hosting package. Our specialty managed website hosting services include everything you need along with incredible customer support. Our financial website hosting team has years of providing the ultimate support solution for businesses large and small.

Our #1 Website Hosting Plan

Our managed VPS hosting plan is based on cutting edge pure SSD drives. Enterprise grade high-performance hardware and SSD’s with nothing but the best drives.

A VPS plan is an affordable, cost-effective solution for those who want the benefits of managed VPS hosting and the super-fast speed of SSD drives.

Managed VPS Hosting

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting has dedicated RAM and CPU resources giving you superior performance you can depend on.
$ 29
per month (billed annually)*
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VPS Hosting FAQs

Virtual private servers (VPS) are actually the most popular type of servers because they provide more enhanced performance features than shared hosting and they cost less than a dedicated server.

With our KnownHost VPS hosting, our user account may share a number of physical resources such as disk space, CPU and RAM, but we still enjoy the freedoms of having a private server, such as having your own control panel.

A big server is called a ‘node’, and the VPS is just a small part of this node. But a virtual private server still allows us to be in charge, fully, of all our own settings and configurations. This freedom allows us to customize and make any changes or adjustments that we may need, as situations arise.

Since a virtual private server it is not actually a physical server, we do not have to worry about space or resources (RAM, CPU, Network bandwidth) as these are in the ‘cloud’ and managed by sophisticated datacenter tools at KnownHost.

As VPS users, we still have access to the same resources and features as we would have otherwise, and we still have the freedom to install any application and make changes to those applications. Since we are not actually sharing any hardware, we do not have to be concerned about the physical server maintenance and security – that’s where KnownHost’s highly skilled technicians come in!

KnownHost VPS nodes are divided into isolated containers that each have their own set of memory, disk space and CPU power – keeping us in control at all times.

Managed VPS hosting is the ideal solution for both non-technical but also technically savvy people since KnownHost takes care of any technical tasks related to the server. In other words, KnownHost’s technical team is responsible for managing the server including system upgrades and configuration – Capitol Websites’ technician runs your website.

With Capitol Websites’ VPS account at KnownHost, we gain administrative access through a control panel to do whatever we want with our server, while KnownHost will manage all hardware, continuously update system software, ensure security, and maintain hardware resources to run according to the VPS package specification.

Unmanaged VPS hosting is different from managed VPS hosting in a number of ways. First and foremost, KnownHost is responsible for providing us with the VPS server but everything else would be left for us to handle.

It’s like purchasing a new physical server, bringing it home, plugging in the plug, and turning it on. KnownHost’s only responsibility of the unmanaged plan is to make sure that the server is available and accessible online. Everything else is our responsibility including the configuration of the VPS server and its services.

You can imagine that this is not the job for the average website provider that wants to focus time and expertise on VPS management for just our client’s websites. And even if we were to have server administrator technicians on staff with the technical knowledge to do it, it’s always better to leave the technical principles to the expert support staff and concentrate on taking care of our clients website design, WordPress care, and website hosting needs.

Overall, comparing the two is easy since managed VPS hosting has a lot more advantages than unmanaged hosting.

Cost: In the past there was a considerable difference between the two VPS packages but this is not the case today. Managed VPS hosting costs are lower after taking into account the number of hours we save from having to manage a physical server in a data center.

Time: With a managed VPS account, it only takes a couple of hours to have our server up and running in a properly configured manner but this is not the case with the unmanaged server. It may take hours to manually install and configure the required services.

Technical knowledge: We do not need in-house technicians with the physical server technical knowledge that is required for running a managed server. When we need to do something technical at the physical server level all we have to do is contact KnownHost support and let their skilled technical operators handle the rest. With an unmanaged server we would need to have server administration technicians who love working in the command line on staff, otherwise it will be very difficult to administer our server efficiently and cost effectively.

Security: Website security starts from the server security, and if strict, secure guidelines aren’t followed, website are easily exposed to security risks. Our VPS is on a physical server managed by KnownHost which has superior security, allowing us to be worry free while we manage our VPS user account that runs your site.

KnownHost operates out of 3 world-class data centers in Seattle WA, Atlanta GA and Amsterdam NL.

* Hosting costs are based on 1) annual billing, and 2) being a current Capitol Websites’ website build and maintenance plan customer. Monthly billing or, sites built or maintained by an outside provider will incur an additional cost of 20% – still an incredible value!

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Client Testimonial

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Garry Good

“I want to pass along Kudos to Ben Perron at Capitol Websites. I have extremely fast cable broadband service – so my response time on the web is never an issue.

Recently, while traveling I was forced to browse the internet with a 56K modem – a painful experience. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my web page would load instantly (a couple of seconds) on this computer – while it would take 20-30 seconds (minimum) to pull up any other web page that I tried to access.

I don’t know how this enhanced performance is achieved – I am sure that Ben does, but this is really an added value which I was unaware of.”

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